Oly Frozen Vape Rechargeable Disposable Wholesale

The Oly frozen vape is an excellent product to get if you are new to the world of vaping and are looking for something to help you with the transition. It is very easy to use and comes with an incredibly handy warranty. There are many different pods and wattages to choose from, making this a great option for anyone who wants to try a vape that is easy to use.


The Oly Frozen Disposable Vape Pod is a cost effective and convenient way to get the benefits of a regular vaping session without the hassle. With its large 16ml e-juice capacity and ergonomic mouthpiece, it’s perfect for MTL vaping sessions of all lengths. These devices come in a variety of flavors, including mango, strawberry and blueberry. They’re also made of high quality material, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

One of the more interesting features of the Oly Frozen Pods is its temperature control mode. By controlling the maximum temperature of the coil, this device is able to prevent the worst of the dreaded dry hit. In fact, the device is designed to last two weeks at a time. In addition to its temperature control features, the Oly Pods boasts a number of other impressive features, including a hefty battery, a draw activated firing mechanism, and a massive 650mah rechargeable battery.

Wattage control

For a device that is meant to be a portable vape, the Oly Frozen is a bit of a powerhouse. This gizmo can produce up to 7000+ puffs per device, and has a massive 16ml e-juice capacity. Its ergonomic mouthpiece and mesh coil mean that this vape will do wonders for your taste buds.

Oly Frozen Vape Rechargeable Disposable Wholesale

The Oly Frozen is also a cost effective and energy efficient e-cig. Its durable design means that it will last you for at least 6-7 days of regular use. This is a great option for MTL vapers. The Oly Frozen comes in a variety of colours and designs. The most appealing colour is blue, but you should also look out for gold, purple, and green.

For vape enthusiasts looking for the best vape, the Oly Frozen can deliver. Its 16ml e-juice capacity makes it an ideal choice for moderate vapers. It also features a clever ergonomic mouthpiece, and an easy to use atomiser that will allow you to get the most out of your juice.

Temperature control

When you use temperature control in your vape mod, you’ll notice that it gives you more control over the vaping experience. Unlike regular wattage mode, this setting allows you to increase and decrease the temperatures of your coils, allowing you to get exactly the kind of vape you want.

Temperature control mods are great for avoiding dry hits, as they keep the coils at a consistent temperature. This prevents the coils from getting burnt and also gives you a more consistent and smooth draw.

The best temperature control mods are the ones that come with a built-in thermometer. These devices communicate with the atomizer and allow you to set the temperature you want.

Variable wattage is another option. It’s more common and easier to use. However, it can be safer than temperature control.

Temperature control is a good option for people who like to vape at a higher temperature. On the other hand, people who like to vape at a lower temperature aren’t likely to do well with this type of device.


If you’re looking for a disposable vape that’s convenient, durable, and offers excellent performance, then Oly Frozen disposable pods are for you. They’re made with an ergonomic mouthpiece and mesh coil, providing a satisfying vapor every time. The unique design also allows for long MTL vaping sessions. The 16ml e-liquid capacity is perfect for moderate vapers who want to enjoy some uninterrupted vaping time.

Flavors are available for a wide variety of tastes. For example, Frozen Banana is a ripe banana flavor complemented by a hint of menthol. You can also find Frozen Fruit, a fruit-flavored e-liquid with a strong menthol kick. Or, you can try Bubblegum, a nostalgic version of chewing gum. You can even go with a classic flavor like Blue Raspberry Lemonade.

Another classic is Frozen Lush, which combines the sweet taste of watermelon with a blast of icy menthol. You can also try Berry Blast, which combines tart and sweet flavors for a unique experience.